Blogging it up

I’ve been thinking an awful lot about this blog. I have ideas pretty much daily for things to blog about. They don’t get written, though, for two major reasons:

*Firstly, I tend to do my thinking about things to write about either in the shower, or on my bike. Both of these are times when I don’t have access to the internet, as well as being times when I’m likely to be running off to Do Something Or Other either right then, or right after. By the time I’m done with my errands, I’ve likely completely forgotten what I wanted to talk about. This one.. this one I can’t do much about, save keeping a notebook for taking notes with me. Which I do. It’s full of notes. Oops.

*Secondly, and more importantly: I think of posts like essays. I think of the several different issues I want to touch on on each post, and how I’m going to construct it, and before I know it it’s turned into a novel in my head. Sitting down to write novels? It’s intimidating!

So my promise now is: I shall write nice short entries about things. If I have a topic that needs lots of talking about? I’ll write it bit by bit and you can have it over several days. I want to make a commitment to write at least two entries here per week, but I don’t want to set myself up for failure. However, I’ll do my best to check in here at least every few days, okay?

Right. There we are.

Now it’s stopped raining, so I’m off into town to drop off some post, pop into work for an hour to take care of some things, and then head out into the vast wildernesses of The Countryside to help a friend of mine move house.

What do you think?

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