Cat! In my house!

I did promise that photos would be a thing I would post up here this year. And I have an awful lot of them sitting on my camera and in folders, just waiting to be sorted out and played with and turned into things I would like the internets to see.

And then yesterday a cat decided to scratch on our back door to be let in and receive affection and saucers of milk. So you are getting pictures of this gorgeous old marmalade cat, who has been hanging around our neighbourhood for at least the year that I’ve lived here, and who decided less than 48 hours ago that our kitchen was where she wanted to hang out and be lovable and adorable.

This is the cat who scratched on the door on the day I came to check out this house, and who pretty much sealed the deal for me that I wanted to move in here. Since then I’ve, you know, seen her out and about. One gorgeous summer night, she was in the garden as I came home at ridiculous o’clock from some form of debauchery. I sat down on my front step to say hello to her. A few minutes later, a fox poked its head into the garden, actually sticking around for a few seconds before running off. It was lovely.

She’s a KITTY!





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