Lack of Posty-ness

Apologies for my not having gotten any post up since last week. I’m in the middle of writing/procrastinating a paper at the moment, which is taking up all of the time I’d normally spend blogging. I have about three post drafts ready and waiting to be written, though, and I’ll get them up just as soon as I can. It’ll probably be after I give the (*^%&*^&(* paper next Saturday, though.
In the meantime, since I’m far too busy making terrified faces at my computer to do any serious internetting, You Lot should totally link me in comments to awesome things you found on the internets this week, or to people I probably haven’t heard of who I should so be reading when I get back.
Also, wish me luck! It’s my first ever Proper Paper At A Real Conference With Real Sociologists In Where I Am Also Expected To Be A Proper Sociologist, and I am reaching heretofore unheard of levels of nerves. Even for me 😉

4 thoughts on “Lack of Posty-ness

  1. Ooo wow best of luck!

  2. Ok off the bat one for those people who are unhealthily addicted to minecraft. This is video of two english guys playing a map/mode called survivor island, think that horrid reality tv show Oucasts, but with monsters who go boom. It’s quite long and just the first of approximately 10 videos but well worth a view.

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