Hiatus: for real this time

The oft-delayed Great Hiatus of 2011 has been resurrected, revamped, and restarted! While I still have many things to say about WAC11 that will be hopelessly outdated by the time I get to them, as well as many other less time-sensitive things, I also appear to be in the middle of a 12-day marathon of cross-country working. And I have a headcold. Bah. All time not spent working is spent falling over, eating, sleeping, saying “bleeeeehhhh”, and attempting to insert chillis and olbas oil directly into my sinuses.
I plan on getting back to blogging next week, after work is finished and I’ve had a few days to recuperate 🙂

2 thoughts on “Hiatus: for real this time

  1. Ah, I hope you feel better soon! And sorry you have to marathon work while fighting the headcold. I did enjoy your tweets from middleofnowhere Kerry, though. 🙂

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