I was doing fine. Honest.

So it turns out that posting is HARD when you’re falling into bed after eight hours’ hard walking each day and only getting up for dinner. Been tweeting up a storm, though!
Last night I stayed in a Nice Hostel. Cost me a tenner instead of the usual €6, but sharing a room with only three others was SO worth it. They also had a buffet for a €10, and since I was Wrecked and had Done Something To My Knee (down is bad today) I wasn’t in the mood to go further afield.
Earlier I’d met the other people in my room, who chatted away to each other in French. I’ve no French, but wasn’t feeling super social anyway.
So off I go to the buffet. I asked the waitress if everywhere was included, as there was one counter that wasn’t self-service. She was telling me that it was, when one of the French people from my room comes up to us.
Now here’s the thing. When I talk in languages I’m not fluent in, I tend to start off speaking quite quietly. It’s a nerves thing. But I’m reasonably able to get my point across, especially when it’s a thing as simple as “can I take that food over there as well as this stuff. And why yes, I’d love some wine with that, thank you”.
Anyway,  yer man comes up ABS starts telling me in slow broken English, with piles of hand gestures, that I must go to the salad bar first! And then the cold main courses section! And only then will it be the Other Counter Time! I must go to the first counters twice! And then explaining to the waitress, in Spanish, that I speak English.
I kinda love that the only words I heard her speak in English were “so do I!”.

One thought on “I was doing fine. Honest.

  1. I’m glad he *was* trying to help you, though. Even if he was doing it in a bullish fashion that ended up embarrassing everyone, I feel like he had only the best intentions! 🙂

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