Introspection and companionable solitude

I’m not sure how I feel about doing this alone.
On one hand, if you’re going to be alone, this is a good place to do it. Nobody thinks you’re crazy. Loads of people walk alone. And you can walk for hours and see nobody, but stop for a rest and within minutes someone vaguely familiar will walk on by with a friendly “Buenos dias”, and ask how its going.
But I miss companionship. I’m also.. without going into too much detail, I’m in the middle of some personal stuff that is quite difficult. Bloody hard, even. And although I can see the benefits of a crash course in being by myself with my own mind, that doesn’t make it easy.
But maybe that’s the point?

4 thoughts on “Introspection and companionable solitude

  1. While I know all too well how much a person needs to be by themselves for a while, I’ve never been through anything that I can honestly say was easier to deal with alone rather than with the help of one or two friends.

  2. You seem to be getting a full serving of “the opulences of austerity,” as my Hindu friends say. Hope that the road eases up on you soon, your knee recovers and your personal stuff begins to recede or resolve. If you would like me to draft the guest post we discussed, on pilgrimage in different faiths, just tell me how to send to you (email?) and on what date you would like it. All the best from hot and sticky New Orleans, USA.

  3. In the time I spent wandering alone, I also had a lot to sort out. While that made the solitude difficult at first, I ended up delighted that I went off alone, and I couldn’t imagine having done it any other way. I definitely wouldn’t have gotten nearly as much out of it! And, while I didn’t solve my problems in the course of my solitary wanderings, I did a pretty good job of setting them aside and focusing on what was around me, which then left me in a much better place to approach my problems when I finally returned. I don’t know–maybe your “personal stuff” is very different and/or more intense than mine was, and all of this sounds like fluff. But I’ve a really good feeling about this adventure you’re on and where it will take you. Take good care of yourself, and keep posting those beautiful photos!

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