In the past week, hundreds of people have wished me ‘burn camino’ and ‘buenos dias’. Tens have asked me where I come from, what language(s) I speak, where I’ve walked from. Where I’m going to today, where I hope to walk to eventually, how long I’ll be walking. Whether I’m walking with friends or alone. Why I decided to walk the Camino.
Not once has anyone commented on my being a woman walking alone. Not once has anyone suggested that walking for hundreds of kilometers alone through the country leaves me in danger of anything other than sore legs, insect bites, uncountable blisters and an increasingly odd sense of social interaction.
I can’t explain the freedom in that.

One thought on “Questions

  1. That’s the exact description I could have given my time during the Camino as well! I did two of them, the Frances route and the Portuguese Camino. Both times, it’s exactly the same, filled with camaraderie and fun…but also intense aches and blisters. I definitely miss the interaction with different nationalities but all on the same walk and unwavering interest to complete it and finally get to see the ‘Catedral’ of Santiago de Compostela. ‘Buen Camino’ I must have said about 500 times but never got bored saying it, even when, at the start I never knew what it meant. But after a while the meaning dawns on you. Hopefully I can do another camino next year though 🙂 Goodluck with the rest of it Aoife!! 🙂

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