Yet another hiatus

Ever get the feeling that half my posts here are announcing that in won’t be posting for a bit? Cause I do!
But here’s the thing. Right now I’m having what could be described as a bloody awful time without having to resort to exaggeration. Yesterday I got some very bad news- a close family member, someone I love very dearly, has died.
So I’m back home in Ireland. I feel way too shellshocked to write, or even really to take an interest in outside things. I kinda need to curl up and lick my wounds for a bit.
So I hope you’ll bear with me over the next while, while I get back on my feet. I hope I’ll be up for posting regularly again soon. So do keep me on your bookmarks, cause I rather like this blogging lark, and you lovely commenty lot are the best part!
See you all on the other side.

5 thoughts on “Yet another hiatus

  1. I’m so sorry. I know we haven’t spoken much over the years, but if you need anything, Jen and I are here.

  2. Really sorry to hear about your loss. My best wishes to you during this time.

  3. I’ m sorry. Get well soon. Will send you thoughts and love.

  4. Take care Aoife. I am very sorry to hear about your family member. Lots of best wishes to you and your family at this time.

  5. *HUG* I’m sooo sorry to hear this, girlie. Take care of yourself.

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