Foodie Manifesto

I believe in abundance. I believe in joy. I believe in sensuality, pleasure, and delight. I believe in boisterous meals with friends, I believe in curling up on the sofa with something (and someone!) warming and delicious. I believe in treating yourself every day to good food just because you can. I believe in elaborate meals and simple suppers. I believe in breakfast in bed, in sizzling aromas, in decadent sauces and never, ever being afraid of crumbs.

I believe that food should nourish more than our stomachs- but it should definitely do that. I believe food should be both comforting and tantalising, and that it shouldn’t take forever or cost the earth.

I believe that abundant enjoyment of food which is as good for our hearts and our tastebuds as it is for our stomachs should be available to all. I believe in a world where nobody is denied this most basic, universal and life-affirming pleasure. Not for lack of money. Not for lack of time. Not for lack of knowledge or resources. Not for the sake of dietary restrictions and health. And definitely not because of shame.

I believe in loving our bodies and taking joy in the things we do to sustain them. I believe our lives are immeasurably richer when they are sweeter, more crunchy, smoother, and spicier. I believe in taking time to create, to share with others, and to treat ourselves.

I believe in food.


9 thoughts on “Foodie Manifesto

  1. I believe in highly articulate women who make sense! 🙂 om-nom-nom-nom

  2. Where do I sign up?

    A friend of mine recently said to me that if she could take a pill to get all the nutrients she needs without ever having to eat again, she would. I stared at her in horror.

  3. I feel the same way about cannabis. I would write about it as poetically as you did about food, but I can’t write poetry. What are your views on consumption of cannabis – a safe pleasure that doesn’t harm anyone?

    • My views on the consumption of cannabis? Delicious in brownies. Do not attempt to operate heavy machinery or play Rock Band (well) while under the influence. I am concerned that it’s normally smoked with tobacco, which is carcinogenic and addictive. Also for people with histories (and family histories) of schizophrenia it’s generally a Bad Idea.
      But it really is rather yummy in brownies. Which are yummy either way.

  4. Damn, this talk of food has made me hungry now … and this talk of brownies risks creating a vicious cycle of food -> munchines -> more food 🙂

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