*scuffs feet, looks out window, scratches head*

So yeah, I more-or-less disappeared from here lately. Sorry about that. Mainly, though, sorry for not mentioning it to You Lot. Life combined with lack of spoons and not quite knowing what to say and wanting to keep Personal Life separate from Blogging and then the only things I was thinking about ending up way closer to the Personal Life side of things and holy shit this is the longest run-on sentence ever.

And then I think about making another anonymous blog where I get to talk about all things that are more personal or that I don’t feel particularly secure putting all over the web. But then I think about all the people who do show their faces and talk about themselves and, damnit, I don’t want to be a wuss. But I also kinda-sorta am. And also I’d have to do my blogging without the lovely people who comment here. That would be lonely.

All of which meant no posts. And now I have a pile of ideas for posts built up but also a pile of imposter syndrome saying “who’d want to read me rabbiting on about that?”. Although anyone who doesn’t want to read the stuff I want to talk about isn’t exactly forced in here. Yes, I know that.

All of this is a roundabout way of saying that I’m sorry I haven’t been posty lately. And also that I can’t guarantee when I’ll be posty again. But it will almost certainly happen.

2 thoughts on “*scuffs feet, looks out window, scratches head*

  1. One of my friends observed a few years ago that we are the one generation that will struggle the most with the issue of online privacy.

    Previous generations already formed their personal privacy comfort levels to a large extent before the internet ever appeared. While many of them explore and exhibit themselves on fbook etc., they already have the–maturity, perhaps? wariness, maybe?–to think about what they’re exposing, and what the consequences may be.

    Future generations won’t have had any conscious, first-hand experience with an internet-free world and will be more comfortable with the whole idea of one putting one’s whole self (or some deliberately chosen part of oneself) online. Furthermore, future generations will do most of their internetting after this whole, awkward period in which we’re muddling through issues of privacy and realizing that everyone needs to deliberately choose their own comfort levels, AND realizing that there are no backsies (as in, once it’s out there, it’s out there for good).

    This is a long, rambling, roundabout way of saying that I totally understand and respect your choice to pull back from blogging during a period like that. And I think most of your other readers probably do, too. Figuring out our own comfort levels on these interwebs is still a pretty new, confusing, major thing that takes a lot of deliberate work. It’s not wussing out–it’s being smart.

    • That makes so much sense. It also reminded me that the internet-now is incredibly different to the internet ten years ago. I think that many of us grew up in an internet that felt very anonymous- even if you had personal info up there, not everyone was online and not everyone was expected to be online. The internet used to be a place where I was very (possibly overly!) comfortable sharing personal details. It’s really not that anymore.

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