Atheism and me: living in a godless universe.

“How do you atheists stand to live in a cold, heartless, godless universe? Where do you find meaning in life? How do you get up each morning knowing that some day you’re going to die and just.. not exist? SERIOUSLY HOW DO YOU GO ON?”

I hate to break it to you, Amalgamation Of Random People On The Internet, but we all live in the same universe. We all live in (or in very close proximity to!) the same world. And this is not a world where when we die, the atheists poof out of existence and the theists hang out in their respective afterlives/reincarnations/whathaveyou. This isn’t a world where believing hard enough makes gods exist for you but not for me. No matter how many times you say the word ‘quantum’. Conversely, if there is a god or gods out there, then no amount of my disbelief will make them not exist.

If I live in a godless universe, then you do too. If you live in a universe with a god or gods, then I do too. And we all deal with the coldness and heartlessness and futility of it all in the same ways. We love the people around us. We do things and go places that bring us joy. We communicate and create and appreciate. We get angry about things, and try and change them to make the world a little less cold and heartless.

And we all do it in the same damn place.

3 thoughts on “Atheism and me: living in a godless universe.

  1. Well said! I never assume that as an atheist I’m any better than a theist, I just find it less stifling to live without the burden of sin, because as a mammalian creature I have certain flaws and desires that are innate. However I am still capable of empathy towards my fellow human beings. If there is a creator I’d like to think he’s capable of the same rationality he instilled in his creation.

  2. Yeah, good thing that God isn’t the only thing that the universe has going for it. People are pretty awesome sometimes too. 😀

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