I sure didn’t.

So there I am the other day, sitting on the sofa with a couple of friends of mine watching ridiculous shows and working out way through a bottle of wine. As I have a niiiice big stretch and yawn, I hear a squeal from Beloved Friend.

“Aoife!” she says.


“Your armpits!”

What… about my armpits? (At this point I’m a little worried about exploding giant moles)

“You haven’t shaved them!”

I, uh, guess that I haven’t in a few days? 

“Why haven’t you shaved them? I haven’t shaved mine today but I’m getting mine waxed!”

Eh, okay?

“You should wax your armpits!”

Eh… uh.. Probably not, petal.

And then we went back to watching cartoons. There you have it, folks. Sometimes patriarchy is a Beloved Friend cuddling with you on the sofa. Still don’t quite know what to make of that one. Twas a good thing she didn’t see my legs.


4 thoughts on “I sure didn’t.

  1. Why on earth would anybody wax their armpits?

    • *shrug* Y’know, I didn’t think to ask.

    • Reasons I’ve waxed my arm pits:
      1) was at a college having hair done and people needed models to pass their course (I had legs, bikini line and armpits done)
      2) was going to a ball and decided I didn’t want hairy arm pits
      I haven’t for years, but I suppose I might if I felt like it!

    • So I’m here on the sofa in question, with Beloved Friend. She says:

      “No stubble ever. Really cheap. Only takes a couple of pulls so not much pain at all. You only need to do it every few weeks, and it saves time in the shower”

      So there ya go 🙂

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