New Year’s Resolutions

Yo, this is what I sound like when I’ve been stuck sick in bed for a week and then drank allthecaffeine. I have… no idea what happened the sound at the end. But hey. Hello!

So what’s your New Year’s stuff? How’d you feel about all this New Year’s malarkey?

3 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions

  1. How lovely to finally hear/see you after reading your words for some time.

    Two pieces of suggestions:
    – Resolution 3. Wunderlist is amazing.
    – Resolution 5. I read a book the other day whose title and message applies espeically to you. “You are a Gift to the World”. (I have the ebook if you want a look)

    Happy 2013!

    • Awh, thank you. And for the suggestions- I’d just downloaded Wunderlist yesterday afternoon! It looks pretty cool, although I’m very very attached to lists written on paper. Ticking items off is so much more satisfying that way 🙂 And I’d love to check out the book- I’m at consider the tea cosy at gmail 🙂

  2. YAY roller skating !! Best of luck with your resolutions !

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