Yep, I got a new Toy For Drawing Things With.

17 thoughts on “THE FRIEND ZONE

  1. Oh wait, you drew that? That’s not just a re-post? That’s really good! Isn’t life interesting when you find out people have abilities you didn’t know about…

    • I did! And it’s pretty much the first thing I’ve drawn in YEARS. My Awesome Housemate got me a drawing tablet for my birthmas (December baby here!) and I’ve been sick at home and playing with it for the past few days. Kinda in love with the thing and now frantically Googling learning to draw 🙂

      And thank you!

  2. w00t! You imply that the friendzone is bad but it looks fun 😛

  3. I.Want.One.Too. Tell your hubby MY birthday is in April! :p

  4. Oh oops, I mean your Housemate!!! LOL

  5. I love this !! The ‘friend zone’ is a very misunderstood place

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  7. I love it!

    (And I’m a little flabbergasted… my blog uses the exact same template, and i just made a post on the same thing two weeks ago. I’d say something like “Great minds lol” but I feel like that’s too self-aggrandizing O_O)

  8. This is awesome 🙂 I didn’t realise you were such a talented artist as well as a writer. I’m in the friendzone with so many wonderful people, what a great place 🙂

  9. if you don’t mind, i would like to print many copies of this and paste it all over town

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