Liveblogging the meeting!

So according to Twitter I broke their tweet limit so am locked out for the next few hours. Instead, I’ll be updating this post every few minutes. keep refreshing for live news!

Over tweet limit?! wtf?!

Therese: affirming that we need a coherent strategy. All groups will work individually and collctively to common aim. Need 2 fronts: polular to personalise difficult issue and get ordinary people on board. Also a political campaign. Need BOTH.
In last 20 years, actions we need are similar to X Case. V1. isibility: must be more prominent. Press statement after today? 2. Need to drive home message to legislators. What is effective? What do legislators like? 3. Public debate and discussion. More discussion within ARC so that we’re ready to react to the media when the occasion arises.

Jacqueline Healy Women’s Council of Ireland: E Action campaign on website, 72k emails sent to TDs throughout Ireland. Now initiating another E-action compaign to give people a chance to tell govt that we support legislation for total repeal of 1861, suicide ground included without over-regulation. TDs inundated with the other side, getting very little from our side.

TCD mandates student union to hold a ballot on abortion policy. USI can take a strong position in the next year. When will other trade unions follow?
Vivian: 2 videos. 50 people 1 question format. 2nd: 5 min long infographic explaining the X Case. Can anyone contribute to either of these?

?: EU presidency major event planned. Also national demo to mobilise support on maybe 9th March? For Intl Women’s Day. Fingal council the other night were parroting YD. Theyr’e hearing from YD: how dowe counter? Also campaign needs to be launched in key cities. YD have posters up in every church, they’ll have big demo today.
We need to raise health more. We’re sticking to X and suicide.. but health is essential. What we’re asking for is so narrow, so little.
Importance of mobilising on the street. YD no this only too well. We haven’t tapped the full potential of that. Any press statement today should decide when we have ONE date to build for. 2nd: trade unions haven’t been tapped. They’re mobilising: we should have contingents from them. Strange times.. optimism is there and so is the backlash. In a recession, right wing will mobilise a lot. We need to match that.

French abortion right campaign was won on the streets. Government have failed to implement rights but for 30 years govt have done NOTHING.

Drs for Choice: congrats to Galway. Don’t just lobby your TDs. Lobby your GPs. 50% have seen someone in the past 6 mos who had a crisis pregnancy and was travelling for an abortion. Put leaflets in the waiting room! The doc won’t object (…notice?). Always keep an eye on the broader view, don’t get bogged down by single issues (X, etc). If asked about X, always move on to broader issue.

J: has had an abortion. Thrilled that we’re sayinTg the word ‘abortion’. Only regret is that she had to travel. Need to break the taboo now. Need to make it easier for Irish women to say those words: “I had an abortion”.

International dimension isn’t just about money: we need int’l support to shame the govt out of its worst atrocities.

13.09 politics and lobbying subgroup giving their overview.

13.10 Now creative and direct action sub group. Hands-on creativity and workshops to be supported. How do we get creative people engaged? How to translate our aims into visual forms? Hoping to make choice part of the every day discourse. Conduit to support the work of the other groups.

I’m doing the media one so will disappear!

13.16: media group definitely put forward as the Sexy Sound People Group, You heard it here first.

now for the admin group: They’ll be keeping us all structured, communicating across groups in people. Come play with them and you get to meddle with everything!

13.17 outreach and partnerships group: What it says on the tin! Grows the campaign, getting databases of orgs/groups/communities in a range of different sectors. Not just emails! Meet with, discuss with, talkng to other groups, will they be members or affiliate? We’ll also be working really hard late into the night.. Along with admin are the backbone of the campaign and can promise hard work and rewards!


NOW BREAKING FOR LUNCH! Hopefully will be back on Twitter later, but if not, watch this space 🙂

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