Who should I be reading? Link me to you!

You may have noticed- I hope you have!- a few changes around the Tea Cosy in the past few days. While my writing mojo was off down a drain somewhere (or, more likely, composing epic poetry about my fabulous new bruises and hip-checking the fridge door), I took care of some housekeeping.

I hope you like the new theme! I also, eh, *coughcough* added a tip jar just in case any of my readers are fabulously wealthy even after donating to the Abortion Support Network and fancy throwing a few squid my way. As I’m entering the fabulous world of interning, I’m going to be pretty darn broke for the better part of the next year, and, well, I’d love to be able to afford to fancy this place up a bit.

Most importantly, though, I’ve also been sprucing up the blogroll for the first time in.. years? There’s tons of my favourite people over there to your right for you all to check out. However, as you all know, there’s an awful lot of fantastic blogs out there and I only have the one me. I’m almost certain that a bunch of you lot have excellent blogs that I’ve spent many a happy hour reading. Let me know where you’re at! I’d also love to hear of any other blogs that I’ve missed. Who do you think I should be reading?

14 thoughts on “Who should I be reading? Link me to you!

  1. Feels pretty brazenly like self-promotion, but – check out http://www.twice-cooked.com/. I write about food, politics, sometimes causes worth supporting, occasionally photography.

    (Thinking about it, you may be on my blogroll…)

  2. Also shameless self-promotion, but… I’m writing a new series of posts on the representation of women in different video games, plus I write stuff about the same in the media.

    Your new theme is cool!


  3. I just started reading your blog a little while ago, but this is my blog: http://www.notjusthappenstance.com/ It’s more personal journal than well written essays, but I’m hoping that it’ll eventually evolve into something worth following once I find my feet. 🙂 I’m a cis-female bisexual polyamorous soon to be psychiatrist, and this is my semi-anon blog for all the stuff I can’t comfortably talk about on my public medical/general life blog.

  4. If we weren’t friends in real life (which I am terribly glad we are 🙂 ), an infrequently-updated string of thoughts about origami Archimedean solids would be quite the incongruous suggestion here. But hey, you asked!


    • Psh, if there’s one thing the internet is made for it’s people saying interesting things about very specific areas. Also, you do know me in real life. So you definitely get to self-promo!

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