Do you love someone who’s trans*?

soffas IRL

Are you in Ireland? Are you a partner, friend, or family member of a trans* person? Or of oodles of trans* people? Are you a cis person who would like to be an ally to trans people, but you’re not quite sure where to start or what to do?

Some friends of mine are starting up a group for SOFFAs- that’s Significant Others, Family, Friends and Allies- of trans people, right here in Ireland. Even if you’re not based in Ireland, I’m sure we’d be happy to see you around our shiny new Twitter and Facebook pages. If you are in Ireland, I have a favour to ask you once you get back from liking and following the group.

SOFFAs want to provide the kind of support and community that people need. They’ve put together a quick survey to find out what those needs are. Could you take a couple of minutes to fill it out? And please do share it, as well- the more people who answer it, especially outside our own direct circles, the better.




3 thoughts on “Do you love someone who’s trans*?

  1. Reblogged this on Activism and Agitation and commented:
    Soffas Ireland, what a great idea, read about it, like and follow and please take the time to do their survey.

  2. excellent idea. have shared with lgbt groups.

  3. Just a note that, while USians are welcome virtually (and glad to be, or at least I am!), my compatriots should pay attention to the part where Aoife says ” If you are in Ireland, … fill [the survey] out.”

    I was skimming too fast, dashed over to take the survey, and had to stop midway when they asked me what county I spent most of my time in. Hopefully, I didn’t mess up the data collection too badly. Seriously, if you don’t live in Ireland, The Survey Is Not For You. (Here endeth the PSA for my fellow overeager Americans.)

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