Happy! Starships! Friday!

This video makes me terrifyingly, unrealistically, problematically happy. The kind of happy where I’m suddenly a giddy kid on her birthday who’s just been told that, yes, she can have a pony. And all the sweets. And a new bike. And.. oh, whatever else it is that kids get excited about. I wouldn’t know, I’m a thwarted cat lady.

Starships! from bironic on Vimeo.

The other thing about the video that I realised yesterday? Don’t tell anyone, by the way- this is gonna be a secret between me and you. Wouldn’t want anyone to think that underneath my cranky internet persona is a gleeful, goofy nerd. So let’s keep this between you, me and the internets. But:

This vid is exactly how I feel when I put on a pair of skates. Every sweet nerdy joyful bit of it.

How about you? We talk a lot about infuriating or saddening things here, but everyone needs a break from that sometimes. What makes you feel like a kid who’s just gotten a spaceship for her birthday? What are the things you look forward to all week? Or all year?

9 thoughts on “Happy! Starships! Friday!

  1. I had a burrito from Boojum for dinner last night. That made me very happy! 😀 #simplepleasures

  2. This is the most amazing vid EVER!

    Like you, seriously geeky things make me seriously happy. And having geeky things reflected IRL is the tops. Like naming one of my children after a Sailor Moon character and another after a Firefly character. When I reflect on this my mind explodes.

    Im giddy being in the UK right now. Just going to Toys R Us and seeing all of the Doctor Who bling makes me squeal. The fact that Matt Smith was at Trafalgar Square while I sat at Heathrow makes me swoon (it’s probably the closest I’ll ever be to a live Doctor). And planning my trip to Cardiff gives me a serious case of butterflies.

    I can barely contain myself.

    Thanks for sharing that video!! Happy Friday dear.

    • That sounds geektastic to me!

      Ooh, are you going to go to the Dr Who Museum while you’re in Cardiff? I went a few years ago and they have real Daleks. And real Doctor costumes! AND it’s only across the road from Torchwood, which means that you get to stand at the same place Ten and Rose were when Captain Jack said he was the Face of Bo, before popping over to an invisible lift next to the fountain.
      It’s pretty much Whovian heaven.
      And happy Friday to you too!

  3. Best vid. Best video *ever*.

    …I got nothing after that.

  4. LOVE!

    My simple pleasures include: new board games, book stores, and starting any new project.

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  6. Baking – I don’t do anything for ages but then when I do I get addicted again. My Mam asked me to make a gluten free cake for her today, so now I have three gluten free cakes, three gluten free loaves of bread, and 18 desert shooters (a combination of chocolate biscuit cake, banoffee and tiramisu)

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