Pro-“lifer”: “We’re all going to end up dead anyway”

“But sure we’re all going to end up dead anyway”

This is the value that a so-called ‘pro-life’ Irish politician puts on women’s lives.

I find it almost impossible to respond to this. How do you answer a person who looks at women suffering and dying unnecessary deaths because they are refused the treatment they need and says “we’re all going to end up dead anyway“?

This is ‘pro-life’.

Life doesn’t matter if it’s adult and pregnant. Women’s lives don’t matter. Nobody’s life matters, if they’re pregnant.


..and yet, even though women’s lives don’t matter, fetuses do?


Life, my arse.


3 thoughts on “Pro-“lifer”: “We’re all going to end up dead anyway”

  1. Glad to see someone calling them out on their abuse of the term pro-life. It’s a shame – it would be such a useful phrase if it hadn’t been hijacked.

  2. I didn’t watch the show at the time, but I read the tanscript yesterday. Nothing of substance was discussed with Peter Mathews. The man came across as a fool. It was like talking to someone who was listening to a totally different conversation. He diverted questions in many random ways including congratulating Vincent B on being a grandfather, argueing over semantics, shouted “sure, that’s what I’m saying…”, then mentioned his mammy, and finally, threw this clanger on the floor.

    People within “Pro-Arbitary-Life” campaigns are seemingly incapable of arguing beyond the point of belief about when life begins.

    I genuinely feel that I am pro-choice and I am particulary sympathetic in cases where women are not psychologically ready for a baby and to the consequences on their health. But surely, we can find someone out there who can make strong practical and ethics based arguments that genuinely addess the concerns on both sides.

    So far as discussions go, I’m only seeing the issue being passed around like a grenade that is about to go off , with it being dumped on government , then doctors, then psychiatrists to take resposibility.

  3. Yep, we’re all going to die anyway. So why so over-the-top about protecting “unborn life” above the life of an adult?

    Sorry, I’m after reading that at least one politician thinks there is no need to terminate a pregnancy when the fetus has a condition incompatible with life. Surely then they can recognise that this is a *fetus who will die* and not “unborn life”? And also, what about the huge physical and emotional toll on the woman carrying that fetus? Is that not a risk to her health and possibly her life?

    I think my head is going to explode.

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