FTBConscience Reproductive Rights

Last Saturday evening, I took a few hours off from BiCon to pop over to an entirely different kind of conference- FTBConscience, Freethought Blogs’s first ever annual conference, located right here on these internets. While the bar was a little lacking (or would have been, if I didn’t have another con bar to go to right after), the conference was anything but.

I spoke on a panel on Reproductive Rights, alongside Brianne Bilyeu, Greg Laden, Bree Pearsall, Fausta Luchini, Robin Marty and Nicole Harris– an intimidatingly brilliant bunch of choice activists, bloggers and scientists if ever I saw one. Check out the full footage here:

If you like that, then you’ll definitely want to take a look at, y’know, all the other sessions. Internets are magic!


5 thoughts on “FTBConscience Reproductive Rights

  1. You did a fantastic job, and the whole panel was really enlightening. Seriously, really enjoyed it.

    • Ah, thank you! Glad you enjoyed- it’s always strange to throw things like this out into the internet and not really have much of an idea how they went, y’know? Especially since i find watching me on video to be massively cringey 😉

      • I know the feeling, though I have the opposite problem as well. While watching my own video is cringey, I keep watching it and critiquing myself obsessively.

        • I’m gonna bow to your supreme cringiness-survival abilities. I barely made it through an episode of Friends yesterday (Ross was embarrassing himself! Repeatedly! I had to hide behind a pillow), never mind watching me on camera.

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