Ordeal of the Bitter Waters

My day today is full of real-life things, so instead of a post by me, have this reblog from Defeating the Dragons. Samantha is an ex-fundamentalist, still christian, talking here in depth about her journey from extreme antichoice to supporting Wendy Davis this summer. She’s a brilliant writer and her experiences are fascinating.

One thought on “Ordeal of the Bitter Waters

  1. Thank you for sharing her story. It’s very moving.

    As I told her:

    I moved from pro-life to pro-choice myself, not out of personal experience, but because I realized that making abortion illegal doesn’t stop it. It just causes more death. Because desperate women try to abort themselves or go to back alley abortionists.

    Plus I came to see that the pro-life leaders were actually not pro-life after birth.

    In fact, they were more interested in controlling women and their bodies than saving lives.

    And whenever I ask someone “If a fire broke out at a stem cell clinic and you had to choose between saving one child and saving thousands of “people” (stem cells) no one has chosen to save the “thousands of people” –which gets to your point about them not actually being fully human.

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