About The Teacosy

I’m never quite sure if the title of this blog refers to Russell’s Tea Cosy, or my hand-knitted tea cosy which, thus far, continues to exist solely in potentia.

Eternally fascinated by bathroom stall graffiti, intermittently looking forward to the post-menopausal possibility of growing a fine and lustrous beard of Darwinian proportions. Fond of tea. Will default to video games and social theory if left to my own devices, but is quite happy to be paid for either.

Lovely, if a little cranky. Honest.

I’m Aoife, and it’s nice to meet you.

If you need to get in touch and the comments don’t suit, I can be found at considertheteacosy at gmail dot com, or on Facebook and Twitter (add me!).

17 thoughts on “About The Teacosy

  1. We’re bemusedly and disenchantedly meandering through our quarter-life crises, too! But I think you knew that, already. 🙂

    • Quarter life crisis?! Are you 20? (Kidding. Sort of.)

      • At this stage, I’m 30.. but that comment was from a fair few years ago. That, and I like to be optimistic 😉

        • Seriously, you would do yourself a great favor by reading the book “Passages” by Gail Sheehy. It is about the many stages (the “7 Year Itch” has a lot if different meanings to different people that are remarkably predictable by age / point in life). The author was, coincidentally, right in the middle of “Bloody Sunday” – which upon her return to the USA caused a shift in educational interest (after getting over the trauma of it all), and has written several books (and beating her major professor to the punch, as his research assistant, by writing an initial book for women, while his psych study was one on the stages of life for men – entitled “Seasons of a Man’s Life”) that was years behind hers in publication as a “popular psychology book…when really neither of them are.

          I recommend as early a copy as you could find, but either way, the original “Passages” would be where to start. http://amzn.to/16LgizW

          Her major professor, I’ll admit, provided me with printed understanding at a time when I thought I couldn’t possibly be undergoing something so contrary to everything I thought I was and who I was… by way of his original book. Something I stumbled across, with no recall as to how. I had seen Passages for years, never giving it a blink. After reading Levinson ( http://amzn.to/1gde2Fx ) – I dove into Sheehy’s books as well. In fact, I see they are now stepping into each other’s territory – I hope they are still friends.

          I also wish knowing what I know now, had helped more in the days to follow, but I’m still trying to figure it all out…

          (Sheehy’s presence amid the gunfire that Sunday may not be in the intro of an early version of Passages, but it is in the intro or preface in later printings. It is among the books I pick up at yard sales and the like, for 25 cents, every time I see it, because if I’m not re-reading it, there is someone I know who could benefit from it.

          There are only a few books out there worthy of that. This (and Levinson’s, but that is a low volume book, rarely seen for pennies), ought to be REQUIRED READING of every human, male and female, just as Passages should be. Just as sex education is necessary, so is life education. ** Even if you’re more than half way through it.**

  2. I had one of those, and I’m past the half-life now and it’s still going on.

  3. Maybe the tea cosy could refer to Billy Connolly’s philosophy that one should never trust a man who, when left alone in a room with a tea cosy, doesn’t try it on? 🙂

  4. Aoife! I don’t know how to contact you, but I came here from Natalie Reed’s blog and hope you can see my email address to this post. Contact me! Sinead

  5. Thanks for sharing your blog & the problems you had on the train. I know exactly what you must have felt like.
    The world isn’t built for us & people fail to see or consider us.

    Keep smiling and don’t let the system win. I’ve shared your blog & you may get a few more comments.

    Bright Blessings

    Star (the Ukip Dalek)

    Check out my other blogs & if you get chance please watch my video the link is in Access All Areas (I think).

  6. Hi Aoife, I just read your responce to the GCN article & was delighted (if still angry over the original GCN post) & I just want to express my delight over the fact someone in Ireland is writing on these issues. Maybe I’m just ill informed over how much queer issues are actually covered here but I find it’s a little crap when it is to be honest, sure when was the last time you heard queer said on Irish TV without it being a slur or meant as a synonym for wierd. Anyway, apologies for the ramble.

    So I’ll leave it at thanks. So thanks.

    – Ciarán

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