Happy Monday! I am old! So are these things.

Sorry this week’s been a bit sparse on posting- I’ve had a few complicated real-life things to deal with, there’s pre-Christmas madness- right now I’m so envious of those of you who don’t celebrate it, although I’ll change my mind about that next week when I’m at home making delicious food with my family. And I turn 30 today! So the weekend has been a bit of a celebratey blur as I decide how to parse being a proper grown-up. I think, by the way, that I’ll stick to my usual reliables of pina coladas, roller skating and activism. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

I’m not the only one with a birthday today. It’s the International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers:

This event was created to call attention to crimes committed against sex workers all over the globe. Originally conceptualized by Annie Sprinkle and initiated by the Sex Workers Outreach Project USA as a memorial and vigil for the victims of the Green River Killer in Seattle Washington, the International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers has empowered workers from cities around the world to come together and organize against discrimination and remember victims of violence… The assault, battery, rape and murder of sex workers must end. Existing laws prevent sex workers from reporting violence. The stigma and discrimination that is perpetuated by the prohibitionist laws has made violence against us acceptable. Please join with sex workers around the world and stand against criminalization and violence committed against our communities.

Today is also Project for Awesome Day! Who doesn’t love the Vlogbrothers? People I cannot and will never understand, that’s who. Check out John:

You know what else I share a birthday with? Flying! Check out the Wright brothers giving their newfangled aeroplane a wee spin 79 years before I was born:

Finally, and by no means less important, Mega Man is a quarter century old today. Download your free Mega Man x Street Fighter game here. You know you want to. We’re all friends here.

Anything I’ve missed out on? Let me know!