A bit Thicke: Best of the Blurred Lines parodies

It’ll be no surprise to you that I’m not exactly Robin Thicke’s greatest fan. But y’know something? That disgusting, rapey excuse for a song? It’s catchy. Way too catchy. Is there anything worse than finding yourself humming along a heyheyhey when you’ve just spent the past 20 minutes giving out about the damn thing? As irritation goes, it’s at the level of being woken up by your neighbour’s alarm clock at 7am on a Saturday morning. Flies that sit on  your window until the second you open the thing to shoo them out and then take up residence in the one corner o f your ceiling you can’t get to. People taking up both of your armrests and leaving you stuck with no comfy arms perched in the middle of your seat.

Y’know. Annoying things.

In the interests of having cake and eating it too? Have my favourite parodies and responses to Thickery.

There’s the (genuinely) sexy:

There’s the direct approach- a bit on the NSFW side, this one, but so worth it:

And finally? There’s the goddamn fuckin’ legendary:

Enjoy! Which is your favourite? And what have I missed out on?


Edited to add: more legendary.