Lazy food post: pasta with things that were in the fridge.

Today, after several days of dashing about the country For Science (and also delivery of presents to adorable smallpeople), I am a sleepy and lazy thing. I am a sleepy and lazy thing in many respects, covering both the things I blog about and the things I feed myself with.

Therefore, my Lovely Readers, you will all now get to read a blog about some delicious pasta I had for lunch, incorporating things that were in the fridge: some spinach, cherry tomatoes, chorizo, and Aldi’s walnut and ricotta pesto sauce. Classy or what, eh?

Surprisingly Tasty Thingsinthefridge Pasta

This involved:P1010779

  • A handful of halved cherry tomatoes
  • A handful of chopped chorizo
  • nutmeg
  • olive oil
  • spinach
  • penne
  • garlic
  • Aldi’s walnut and ricotta pesto sauce. Or any other kind of walnut and ricotta pesto. Or something else entirely, if you like.

First things first: turn on the oven. Honestly I have no idea how hot it was, but it was decently hot. Chorizo and cherry tomatoes go in a baking dish with a good dollop of olive oil. Bung ’em into the oven. Don’t worry about preheating. We’re being lazy here, remember?

Pop on the penne. I don’t need to tell you how to do this bit, right?

P1010775While all that stuff is cooking, it’s time to cook the spinach. You can’t go wrong with spinach lightly wilted in nutmeg and garlic, can you? I thought not. So sploosh a bit of olive oil into a pan with some chopped/mushed up garlic and a generous dusting of nutmeg, and fry up the spinach a handful at a time. Spinach shrinks a ridiculous amount, so I normally fill the pan up as much as possible, and add more as it shrinks.

P1010785Once the pasta’s done, check on the cherry tomatoes and chorizo. These just need to be a little bit cooked- tomatoes nice and soft, chorizo ever so slightly crunchy, olive oil delicious and red. Put everything else into the baking dish along with a generous few spoonfuls of walnut and ricotta pesto, and give it a good mixing up.

Congratulations! You now have lunch. I now recommend relaxing on the sofa with your tasty pasta and a nice glass of something nice. It is the weekend, after all.