Change is Afoot, and I Go Hiking

You may have noticed (I certainly did) that things have been a little quiet around here for the past few weeks. I’ve been distracted both by important things- sorting myself out with places to work and live after this month- and by even more important things- diving headfirst (sometimes literally) into roller derby fresh meat, exploring Dublin and surrounds on my new bike, and perfecting my brownie recipe. That last one is mainly important directly after the first two, by the way.

Because I’ve been delightfully successful in all of these, some changes are afoot! Since I’ll be spending a bunch of hours every week at work (hurrah!), I’ll have less time to devote to posting here. I’ve decided to keep to a schedule of two sizeable posts per week, since that leaves me plenty of time to go to work, fall off my roller skates, and post 100s of pics of my bruises all over Tumblr.  What this means is, of course, that there’ll be plenty of space for guest posters! I’ve loved everyone’s guest posts over the past month or so. I’ll be out scouring the country for people with interesting things to say. Beware the gleam in my eye when I hear you expounding on your favourite topic in my presence. You have about 2 minutes to get out of there before I start haranguing you for articles.

Now that that’s out of the way? Have a bunch of pretty pictures of a ‘nice quiet walk in the countryside’ I went on last week, courtesy of Shortish walk, they said. Easy, they said. More mud than you have ever seen in your life, they conveniently omitted. Good thing the views outshone the mud, many times over.



That tall thing on the left? Steeper than it looks. Definitely steeper than it looked.





Camino de Santiago 2: Zubiri, Pamplona

I’m trying to remember the morning of Day 2, but it’s all some kind of fuzzy, sleepy haze. Funny, that.

Fortunately, I have pictorial and video evidence that I was, in fact, in places.


I’m not normally one for churches. This place, though, was sweet and little and pretty. And also happened to have things to sit down on. I was, at this point, quite the fan of things to sit down on.


It wasn’t long after that before we really started coming out of the mountains and into a whole different kind of landscape:

Another wee sit-down by a river:

Right next to what turned out to be the outskirts of Pamplona!


Pamplona was lovely. That is, by the time I’d gone past the hostel, gotten lost, gotten found again, backtracked, and fallen into bed exhausted at around, er, teatime.

This is my exhausted face. Just in case you were wondering:

And here’s the parking space where I finally realised how far it was to the next hostel and that I should should probably turn around:

After the obligatory couple of hours of post-walk unconsciousness, I managed to hobble my way to a pretty square for some foods. There is no better food than the food you have after walking for seven or so hours.