Making one’s mind up: Ira Glass or Rachel Maddow?

I have a couple of perfectly respectable posts percolating in my head at the moment, about things like marginalisation, intersections of -isms, and that kind of thing.

Or, at least, I had. Then, mere seconds after I’d been browsing around Rachel Maddow’s twitter, Hemant at the Friendly Atheist went and posted this:

As a filthy, fence-sitting bisexualist who can’t make her mind up about anything, never mind have a type, the juxtaposition of these two completely-different-in-all-respects people with nothing whatsoever in common was enough to make my brains turn to goo and come out my ears.

Seriously, though. Why won’t us Filthy Fence Sitters just make our minds up? How could a person ever, ever find it within themselves to have even a passing interest in such wildly disparate individuals?

Rachel Maddow and Ira Glass.

…and that’s all you’re getting from me today, I’m afraid. I’ll be busy gazing longingly at my screen and contemplating the joys of floopy wavy short hair, very large glasses, and insightful commentary.

(Also, I had this crazy idea about occasionally posting things that couldn’t be published as sizeable novels. How do you all think I’m doing?)