Secular Songs and Sunny Days

I love that song above. You should totally give it a play there.

I’ve heard a couple of interpretations of it. Daniel Garrett over at figures it’s about a person who “loves and continues going to church, even though the music isn’t what she expects”.

For me, though, it’s about something far deeper. It’s about the all-too-human desire and need for community. It’s about moving forward from dogma into a sense of awe and wonder at the universe, and a celebration of our own humanity. To me, it says that this is the thing, this is the ‘sermon’ that would be worth getting out of bed on a Sunday morning. Or any morning.

Which is, of course, why it came to mind this morning, as I brewed up a nice pot of spicy chai to drink out in my back garden in the sun, staying still and quiet so as not to disturb the birds eating crumbs of bread we left out for them.

I don’t know what Joan Armatrading meant in Secular Songs. Maybe she is talking about an abiding love for faith in the face of secularisation. If so, I hope she wouldn’t mind my own interpretation, different as it may be.