Happy! Starships! Friday!

This video makes me terrifyingly, unrealistically, problematically happy. The kind of happy where I’m suddenly a giddy kid on her birthday who’s just been told that, yes, she can have a pony. And all the sweets. And a new bike. And.. oh, whatever else it is that kids get excited about. I wouldn’t know, I’m a thwarted cat lady.

Starships! from bironic on Vimeo.

The other thing about the video that I realised yesterday? Don’t tell anyone, by the way- this is gonna be a secret between me and you. Wouldn’t want anyone to think that underneath my cranky internet persona is a gleeful, goofy nerd. So let’s keep this between you, me and the internets. But:

This vid is exactly how I feel when I put on a pair of skates. Every sweet nerdy joyful bit of it.

How about you? We talk a lot about infuriating or saddening things here, but everyone needs a break from that sometimes. What makes you feel like a kid who’s just gotten a spaceship for her birthday? What are the things you look forward to all week? Or all year?