Speaking of Youth Defence..

Check out what lovely tweets they sent me!

Speaking of Youth Defence..

It’s almost like they’re proud of having nothing but US money to bring to the conversation. Baffling.



Yep, I got a new Toy For Drawing Things With.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Wishing you all sorts of good things for 2013. I hope that for all of you it is full of all sorts of love and connection, tons of time spent doing the things that make you happiest, enough of everything you need to get by, an absolute minimum of illness or pain or grief. And if you have to live through those, then I wish you even more love and support.

p.s. I got an awesome new toy! I bet you can guess what it is 🙂

Things I Like About Winter.

I always seem to hate winter. Proper hating winter. The kind where sometimes I go see a doctor type hating winter. But now that I have all that jazz reasonably under control (yay!) I  figured it was about time I changed that. Therefore: a list!

Things I Like About Winter.