Possibly the greatest spam I have ever seen.

There I was, taking a quick glance through my spam folder to see had any genuine comments gotten picked up before deleting it, and I came across this gem:

I just wanted to address something and that’s, your social security number is your slave number and your true identity. The government sees you as a mechanism of productivity for cheap human slave labor to serve the oligarchs. They try to mold you into a by-product of a commodity, to be? used for instrumentation throughout the process of their orchestration. So those set of accomplishments that you lived to get where your at, weren’t really of your own individual success.

I’ve got nothin’. Except that that is one of the greatest things I have ever read.

One thought on “Possibly the greatest spam I have ever seen.

  1. My, I must be in big trouble because I have an Irish PPSN as well as social security numbers in America and the Netherlands. Haven’t noticed myself being used as slave labour, unless motherhood counts. 😉

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