Ratzinger’s resigning, eh?

How do I feel about that?

If you’ll allow me a moment to be entirely undiplomatic and entirely NSFW, then I’ll go with this:

In short, fuck that rapist-protecting, homophobic, misogynistic fatherfucker. The fucks I give about his welfare appear to have disappeared into the nonexistent ether with every fucking child he failed to protect, every fucking rapist he sent to another fucking parish, and every single fucking person dead because he thinks a condom is more sinful than not giving people a fatal fucking illness.

Good fucking riddance, and as a good friend of mine says: try not to let the door hit your ass on the way out.


3 thoughts on “Ratzinger’s resigning, eh?

  1. HUZZAH! I’ve been sticking to “I don’t give a fuck” but I think you have worded the sentiment so much more eloquently.

  2. I don’t give a fook either but unfortunately he is going to be replaced with more of the fecking same 😦 !

    • Possibly not. JohnPaul II and Ratzinger were both part of a backlash against John 23, who made major changes in modernizing the church, and some feared that if he’d lived longer he’d have brought married priests and women priests into the church. The Church has now had a couple decades to see just how badly they are screwing themselves, and some younger and more liberal folks are now part of the college of cardinals. I know most likely they will be stupid and reactionary, but it’s possible they’ve had enough of a wake-up call to realize that they need to change with the times or they’ll be buried with them.

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