Internalisation: A story of a double bind

Sometimes it sucks to live in a world that insists that if you do not look a certain way you are not only unkempt but unworthy, repulsive, unacceptable. But if you let this affect your visible actions in the slightest, you are weak, shallow, unacceptable.

(Yes, I have had serious hat/helmet hair all week. Yes, this bothers me. Yes, it bothers me that it bothers me. Yes, that does too. Sometimes this stuff is exhausting.)

3 thoughts on “Internalisation: A story of a double bind

  1. Yes! Just…yes. Feelin’ it today, so thank you.

  2. I see what you mean here, and I’ve been there too. Some snarker other than me, though, thinks you mean “externalization”…by which I assume they mean what’s commonly called projection. As in, you’re the one making judgments and then blaming the world for judging you. But then, where did you learn to judge yourself except from the world? Is that what you mean by internalization–‘internalizing’ the world’s double-bind?

    I’m not really trying to interrogate you here. Mostly pissed at the snarker for splitting hairs when it seems like all you’re doing is complaining about your bad day. (Been there, too.)

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